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The Basement Store – Is it Time for a Basement Renovation for Your Burlington Home?

With travel being pretty much grounded for all of 2020 and likely much of 2021, more and more Burlington residents are putting their money into home renovations so that they can enjoy their homes a little more. If you are thinking that this might be the year for you to undertake a home renovation – but you aren’t sure yet what to do – here are some reasons why basement renovation might be a perfect choice.

Add Living Space to Your Home

Renovating your basement is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to add more comfort and living space to your home since it doesn’t require you to go to the expense of building an addition. The Space is already there – it just needs to be finished.

Or if you already have a finished basement – but it’s a little on the bland side – then you can get more enjoyment from the space by sprucing it up with a basement renovation.

Endless Options

When it comes to renovating your basement in your Burlington home, you’ve got almost endless options as to what you can do with the space. You just need to use your imagination. Some of the possibilities for a basement renovation include:

  • Home office

  •  Home gym or workout room

  •  Home theatre

  •  Children’s games room

  •  Entertainment area complete with bar

  •  Anything else you can imagine.

Add Resale Value to Your Home

When a basement renovation is done well, it can also add to the resale value of your home. People looking to purchase a home in Burlington are usually willing to pay more for a home that has a finished and functional basement as opposed to bare concrete floors and exposed insulation.

You may even be able to recoup the full cost (or more) that you paid for your renovation.

Tips and Tricks for Basement Renovation in Burlington

  • Since your basement is usually the coolest and most humid part of your home, consider installing a fireplace as part of your renovation.

  • When you renovation your basement, consider soundproofing your ceiling so other family members can enjoy the space without disturbing people who may be upstairs.

  • Invest in good lighting. Your basement gets less natural light than other parts of your home, so invest in good lighting as part of your renovation.

  • If you have low ceilings in your basement, consider leaving piping visible. That way you won’t feel as though you’re being crushed underground.

Contact The Basement Store today!

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